In preparation for the 50th Anniversary, interviews were produced of members sharing memories, activities, and why they dedicated so much to the community. These reasons, personal, selfless, and profound, are a testament to what these humble men and women strove to do: “We Serve”.

Please take time to watch their stories below. While you're here, you can leave a message; if you have been helped by the club, enjoyed meeting Santa, attended the Car Show, or interacted with members over the years, they would love to hear from you.

Lions Among Us

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The Dudley Lions Club


On Monday, April 21, 1969, 85 men gathered in Dudley to form a local chapter of the Lions Club.


For over fifty years, those men (and eventually, women and teens too!) performed countless hours of service to improve and assist Dudley and far beyond.


Over the years, Dudley Lions walked the streets with boxes of lightbulbs and brooms, cooked vats of sauerkraut for Oktoberfests, collected eyeglasses for recycling, ran the Yesteryear Car Show for decades, and even held a manure sale (once!).

The Dudley Lions ran Halloween Parties for children, delivered Christmas Baskets to those in need, provided high school scholarships, and directly helped residents in need.

As life got busier, membership dwindled and the average age of the Dudley Lions got older. When the 50th Anniversary of the club arrived (2019), so did a pandemic. What was to be a year of celebration and outreach turned into social distancing and quarantining.


The strength of the club could not hold out and in 2021 they decided to shutter the club and return the charter. After 52 years, the Dudley Lions Club is disbanding.